1. Where can I find McDonald's menu?
  2. Does McDonald’s Fries contain beef extract?
  3. I am a vegetarian. What can I eat at McDonald’s?
  4. Why does the FOF meal with Coffee have lower calories than the FOF meal with Mineral water?
  5. Why are you not offering Ribena anymore?
  6. Why is the Sweet & Sour Sauce no longer available as one of the nuggets condiments?
  7. Why is the Garden Salad not available at McDelivery?
  8. Why is the larger-sized/16oz Shakes no longer available?
  9. I used to order all wings for McWings, but there is no way to do that anymore.
  10. Where do your eggs come from? Do you wash them before use?
  11. Is the food served at all Singapore McDonald’s® restaurants certified Halal?
  12. What kind of meat do you use in your McChicken® and Chicken McNuggets®?
  13. What type of milk do you use in your desserts?
  14. Can McDonald’s® food be part of a healthy, balanced diet?
  15. Why are your Apple Slices so crunchy even though they’re cut? Do you use preservatives?
  16. Does McDonald’s® offer any lighter meal options?
  17. Do you offer any salads?
  18. Does McDonald’s® serve all-day breakfast?
  19. What type of muffins does McDonald’s® serve during breakfast?
  20. What vegetarian options do you offer?
  21. Are McDonald’s® French Fries suitable for vegetarians?
  22. Can I order a regular menu item like Chicken McNuggets® or Apple Pie during breakfast hours?
  23. Why is there a difference in pricing for the same item at your different restaurants?
  24. How does McDonald’s® prevent food wastage?
  25. How can I add more fibre to my meal at McDonald’s®?
  26. What food safety procedures do you have in place in your restaurants?
  27. What do you do with the used oil?
  28. How often do you change the oil in your fryer? Our oil is checked and filtered dai
  29. How often do you clean the grills?
  30. How does McDonald’s® ensure food safety?
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