McDelivery – Login using MyM (McDonald’s app) account

  1. Where can I change my account info?
  2. I forgot my password for my McDelivery account, how do I retrieve it?
  3. Can I change the email address associated with my McDelivery account?
  4. I noticed / received an email asking me to sign in to my McDonald’s app account to order McDelivery. What is this about?
  5. Why is McDonald’s doing this?
  6. I have never used the McDonald’s app before. What can I get as a MyM Member?
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McDelivery Account

  1. I am an existing McDelivery® user and don’t have a password. How do I sign in?
  2. I am new to McDelivery. How do I set up my account?
  3. How do I add a new delivery address to my account?
  4. How do I change my stored delivery addresses?
  5. Can I change the email address associated with my McDelivery account?
  6. Can I contact McDonald’s® to change the email address for my account?
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McDelivery Price

  1. Why is the minimum order changed from $10 to $12?
  2. Why are McDelivery prices so much higher than those at restaurants? Why is the same item more expensive via McDelivery?
  3. You already charge a delivery fee. Why are McDelivery menu items priced higher compared to when purchasing in store?
  4. Why do I see different Delivery pricing on Grab, Foodpanda and McDelivery? Do you charge differently?
  5. Are there different delivery charges for McDelivery?
  6. Will the delivery fee be waived for my large order?
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McDelivery Service

  1. What is the correct website for McDelivery?
  2. Why can’t I track my McDelivery order when using Guest Login?
  3. Can I order McCafe® items via McDelivery?
  4. How do I start ordering?
  5. How do I place an advance order?
  6. How do I amend/remove items from my shopping bag?
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