1. I did not receive the password reset email. How do I retrieve it?
  2. How is it different from the other McDonald’s® apps like My Feedback, McCafé®, etc.?
  3. What will happen to all my other McDonald’s® apps and deals that I’ve accumulated?
  4. The McDonald’s® app has a McDelivery® tab, does that mean I can delete my McDelivery® app?
  5. Can I use the same email and password on my McDelivery® app for the McDonald’s® App?
  6. Can I use the new McDonald’s® App in other countries?
  7. I currently do not have any McDonald’s®-related apps. Do I need to download both the McDonald’s® app and McDelivery® app?
  8. Can I use the McDonald’s® App on a tablet instead?
  9. Can I use the McDonald’s® App without a data connection?
  10. What happens if I forget my password?
  11. I am having issues registering. Why is this so?
  12. How do I update my personal details?
  13. Can I change my email address under my profile?
  14. What is the difference between the “Feedback” tab and the “Contact us” tab?
  15. Can I reset/deactivate my account?
  16. Can I share deals with others?
  17. Why are my deals different (as compared to someone else’s account)?
  18. Can I redeem/use my deal after payment is made?
  19. What is 2FA?
  20. How often does the user have to log in?
  21. How often will user be prompted for 2FA OTP?
  22. If I have turned on 2FA OTP, can I turn it off?
  23. What happens if I do not authenticate myself with 2FA?
  24. When does the McDonald’s® App require me to 2FA?
  25. How can I authenticate my app with 2FA if I happen to forget my email/password?
  26. How many times can I try to enter the 2FA OTP before being locked out?
  27. How many times can I request for 2FA OTP?
  28. How long is the OTP valid for?
  29. I did not receive the two-factor authentication (2FA) email. What should I do?
  30. Is 2FA OTP chargeable?
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