MyMcDonald’s Rewards

  1. What’s MyMcDonald’s Rewards?
  2. How do I join?
  3. How do I earn points when transacting?
  4. How do I earn 300 bonus points?
  5. What are the participating McDonald’s Restaurants for MyM Rewards programme?
  6. When do my points expire?
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  1. I’ve already made payment for my order. But now I want to use my deal. Can I still redeem/use my deal
  2. I am having issues with keying in promo code for deals. Why is this so?
  3. I have more than one McDonald’s® App deal. Can I redeem more than one deal at the same time?
  4. The QR code and/or scanner is not working. How can I still redeem my deal(s)?
  5. How do I redeem my deals?
  6. How do I know when a new deal is available?
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Mobile Ordering via My McDonald’s App

  1. What is Mobile Ordering?
  2. How do I use My McDonald’s App to place an order?
  3. Mobile Order Refund Request Guide
  4. What if I have a problem with a payment or face any errors while placing my order?
  5. Can I save my card for future use?
  6. What are the payment options available?
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  1. Is there a workaround to install the McDonald's app on my Huawei device?
  2. I have a Huawei device, but I am unable to install the McDonald's app. Why is that?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions for McDonald's X Crocs Grimace Cozzzy Sandals
  4. Frequently Asked Questions for McDonald's Golden Pass for Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Plush Sets
  5. How can I disable marketing messages through push notifications on the McDonald's App?
  6. I encountered an error while scanning my McDonald's App QR Code. What should I do?
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